Tuesday, March 11, 2008


‘Appa, I just can’t marry a complete stranger, this is ridiculous!!’ Adithi said with frustration to her father.
‘Adi…it isn’t as bad as you think it is, aren’t me and your mom happy? Aren’t your sisters happy?’ her father tried to persuade her, the youngest of his three daughters.
She just shook her head with exasperation and walked to her room.

Aravindh saw her in the little book shop she owned and decided she was the one. He walked to the counter.
‘May I help you sir?’ she asked smiling at him. ‘Oh yeah, you can definitely help me by marrying me!’ he said returning her one of his charming smiles.
‘Excuse me!!’ she glared back at him.
She wondered if he has cracked his head somewhere. He did not look like he had a loose nut. He was every inch of his 6 foot devastatingly attractive, that she could not take her eyes off him the minute he entered the shop. She was even more disgusted with herself for reacting in such a way. This was the last thing she needed in her life.
‘Oh sure, you are excused, so now will you marry me?’ he drawled.
‘Did you bang your head somewhere Mr..’
‘So silly of me, I did not introduce myself did I?’ He extended his hand and said ‘I’m Aravindh’
She stared at his long lean hand – Aravindh- he was Aravindh……recognition flooded her.
‘Ah…now you recognize me, great to meet you in person Adithi’ he gave her a lazy smile ‘Yet you haven’t replied to my question’ he smiled.
She stammered ‘Listen, you are mistaken…well….er….I have to work now…. I…’ He raised a hand to stop her. ‘Well you close the shop for Lunch, don’t you? We will meet in the coffee shop down the mall, and there you can give me your reply’
She simply stared back at him. ‘Meet you at 2 then, bye Adithi’
She tried to call him back and say no, but he was already walking out of the shop, out of her sight.

She glanced nervously around the coffee shop. ‘You don’t need to be nervous, I don’t bite young women, especially pretty ones like you!’ he chuckled.
Her face was turning pink, and she looked everywhere but at him. She did not know what she was doing down here, sitting before him in a coffee shop.
‘You are not much of a socializer, are you?’ He asked her.
‘Well…er…I..this is just so stupid!!’ she said with an exasperated sigh. ‘What is stupid?’ he gently questioned her.
‘Me…Here...You …sitting here, talking marriage…totally out of context!!’
‘Oh great, you are still considering my proposal!’ he smiled.
‘Listen, you completely don’t understand!!’
‘What part of the conversation don’t I understand?’
‘I am not the marrying type okay!!’
‘So who is the marrying type?’ he mocked her.
‘Well I want to expand my business, I want to be the largest book shop owner of the country, I have a lot to achieve’
‘So what has that got to do with marriage?’
‘Well with marriage comes family and responsibility, I want my book shop to be the first and last thing in my life’
‘Hmm….fair enough, but that doesn’t have to stop you from marrying me. I am not asking you to consider our marriage, the first and last thing in your life’
‘It has to be if I get married’
‘I would be happy if it is’
‘And, that is exactly what I don’t want to do’
At that time his phone buzzed. He answered it and returned back to her. ‘Listen Adithi, I understand your need to achieve and that is one thing which I liked about you. Your need to be independent and let me assure you that, there won’t be much change in it if we get married. I am simply asking you again to consider my proposal. I really have got to go now. I will keep in touch. Just promise me you will think about it.’
She was so mesmerized by his gaze looking at her intently and couldn’t say anything but murmur a ‘yes’

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To be continued blissfully…..

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