Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kids these days!!

Well I should say kids of Gen – X are definitely more clever and filled with the ‘I’ attitude.

They seldom care of what others say, nor do they think before they do anything. They are cute, clever and witty. There are 2 nephews of mine. Quite a troublesome lot they both were.

One of them is so naughty that he insisted on going to the same play school and did not want to go to the normal school. He had decided this is what school is and did not want to change his mind. When at last he was convinced by his parents that he should go to the normal school, he reluctantly agreed much to the surprise of his parents. Then he put forth his condition, you know how Kinder Garden admissions are these days, interviews for the students, parents and relatives if any. This nephew of mine said ‘no, I won’t answer anything the principal asks me!!’ he was so stubborn on this point.
Then dawned the day of the interview- He went there, the principal asked him ‘n’ no. of questions, but this little nephew of mine kept quiet. Then the principal shows him chocolates and asks him, what is it? This nephew of mine replies ‘Don’t you have Diary milk? I like only diary milk and not Munch!’ !!!!!

(Though he got into the school is not our concern over here!)

Then there was this other nephew, he was taken from his school on a bus ride around the city of Chennai. When he returned home, his moma asked ‘So, tell me what you saw?’ he replied with a pat ‘ Sivaji poster!’ while his classmates replies varied around airport, beach and stuff!!

My nephew and his parents went to a friend’s house. The house was located in an apartment. My nephew with all enthu went out to play. He caught a gang of his friends. All were in some 2 and half feet in height. Then these guys had gone up the terrace. Little Newtons were they, that they were wondering what will happen if they drop stones from the terrace, it was the 7th floor mind you. They wanted to know the consequences immediately, so they collected stones of all sizes and started their little Newton experiment. They dropped, dropped and dropped on top of the small maruti car parked below. The shatter of glasses of the maruti car got the security in full alert, and they all loaded with weapons went to the terrace to catch the culprit red handed. And there stood on the terrace our little Newtons with stones in their hands ready for the war. The security personnel were tongue tied. But still our little Newtons justified that each one threw only 1 to 2 stones!!

I had recently gone to a wedding, and I met these nephews of mine. I was so busy in the wedding in putting mehindi to all the lil nieces there. The two nephews did not want to be left out in the gang of gals. So they approached me and literally demanded me, or should I say ordered me, that I should put mehindi for them. And that too, they were very specific in what they wanted to be drawn. One wanted strawberry, the other wanted bat and ball. It seems according to them the normal mehindi designs are very girly, and they were boys!!

Once my uncle wanted to reverse his car, my lil nephew was standing behind. So he asked him to see if the car was hitting the wall when he is reversing. My nephew kept saying no till the car hit the wall and then said, ‘uncle, ippo car idichiduchu’ (uncle, now the car hit the wall)!! This incident crept back in my mind after I saw a similar ad on TV!!

There is a niece of mine. She is in her UKG. She always moves around with guys in her class. There is this friend of her in class called Aravindh I tell you they are inseparable. The teacher got frustrated with both of them hanging to each other that she asked my niece to sit with the girls from the day after. She was adamant and did not agree; her brother was of the same school and was in his 8th. One evening when he came to pick my niece, the teacher has put forth this issue to him and asked him to bring their mother to see her the next day. The niece was so upset, that she asked her brother, why the teacher is making a lot of fuss. The brother replied, ‘it is because you are a girl, you move around girls’. Immediately the niece asked ‘Then when will I change into a Boy?’ the brother was for a moment stuck, then he said ‘You don’t change’. Then my niece asked ‘but you have, haven’t you?’ for which the brother was simply dumbstruck and did not reply.
Once my cousin was talking to my mom on the phone. Her kid, my nephew was pestering her. When my mom asked for what he was troubling her. My cousin said ‘ he is asking me whether he takes bath in the morning or the afternoon, coz just now he had his bath, and if the reply was afternoon, then he would rush out to play’ such clever kids aren’t they?

This reminds me of a joke I heard somewhere. There were three little naked boys playing in the water. One little naked girl comes up to them, she points down and asks ‘what is that?’ she is about to touch it, when one little naked boy cries ‘Don’t touch it; you have lost yours I don’t want to lose mine!!’

It is just endless, innocent fun with kids around you, I say!
You will never regret spending time with them. They are just irritatingly cute, beautiful, funny and full of wit!!

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