Sunday, April 27, 2008

Birthday blues

You know what day was yesterday?
It was the birthday of kuttychathan, the sweet little devil who came across my life approximately 3 yrs back, but then on second thought she is not so sweet. She turned 20 yesterday! Believe it or not she looks like she is 10. Some people are blessed with such genes that they will never tend to look old. Well she is one of those blessed people I guess! But then why did god bless her.

Let me elaborate. She is a person who thinks straight and talks straight even in this world with lots of crooks and turns she still walks straight. She is into theatre and stuff. She is also into writing and stuff. She is also into learning French and stuff. And by now you should have known she is into a lot and lot of stuff including the real stuff.

She was our Ass Rep – the Rep of all Asses according to her in our 2nd yr of college. The time she got elected was one emotional moment for her. You couldn’t have guessed seeing her that she has such a lot of emotions locked inside her, or the way she keeps things to herself so that it doesn’t hurt the other person.

She is a Taurean as you might have guessed by now, being born in the month of April. And definitely she does justice to the Bull and has a temper which she has managed to control at times extremely well. She is really possessive about her books and gets irritated if anybody writes her name in it without her golden permission. She cracks her head doing accounts and just wonders never endingly how I understand the concepts very easily!

I call her all day long, and do not know when I started this ritual. We talk about anything and everything under the sun for hours and still I will call her in 15 minutes after we hanged up. One of my favorite things of all time is to call her during exams just for the only reason to tell her I have finished studying when she wouldn’t have even started to search for the books to study. The highlight of it would be my whining that I don’t remember anything that I studied.

She was one busy bird in college. Anything everything people will call her. But then she hates it when people shout her name in public! But then we all love doing what she hates. And according to her ‘Nobody LOVES her!!’ which is both true and false. We all love her, but there is no special person who Loves her for her. And I hope that special person when she meets will not be committed to any other girl like all her wannabe special persons!

We both write poems in laa clash, imitate laa ma’am and chwitch of our brains as soon as laa ma’am finishes with the anshering of our attendance. And well I can say that she started writing blogs because of me!! Yeah me! Me! And because of me! I think she got bugged each time I ask her to read my blog that she decided to give me a slice of my own bug! But then it is very disguising (disgusting for the uninitiated, but then the proper word here should have been disappointing!) that she never got caught in laa ma’ams class while I got caught twice.

That reminds me of an incident where she got caught. It was in our second year, we were having marketing class on various types of pricing by one boring teacher. You know those skimming, penetrating prices. I don’t remember who was sitting next to her, but then these two made a comment about what the boring teacher said and chuckled. The boring teacher’s boring ears caught this chuckle and also the direction from which it came. She ordered kuttychathan to get up, and asked the reason for her chuckle. She was so damn tensed, coz this was the first time she was getting caught. She said ‘no ma’am it isn’t anything you said, I just wrote skimming as skinning and that I why I laughed’. You know how these boring teachers are, they never trust what the intelligent student says, so she asked kuttychathan to bring the note book to her. (I know very very childish!!). Now kuttychathan did not know what to do, in a hurry she wrote skinning instead of skimming in great discretion without being seen by the boring teachers boring eyes. And she escaped, maybe because the boring teacher’s boring eyes were not as sharp as her boring ears but they were just plain boring!

So then back again to where we started, the purpose of this blog is to wish her a happy birthday, and that’s what we should have done in the start, but then last but not the least! Wish you a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY kuttychathan, and please don’t get all fussy and upset about your bday, when I called you you were fussing over something I guess, or was it my imagination! You know I have a crazy imagination. Let the rest rest and think about now and only now. Coz now is where you belong. I was all geared up to come to your home. But one thing lead the other and I ended up being lazy and frustrated and now am thinking whether I should have gone ahead with the plan, but then past is gone and done with. We all belong here right now. But then will drop in your home once more.

Be happy you were born, the day in which you came in to make our lives both sweet and miserable. Thinking straight and walking straight. Hope you never change for years to come, nor do you forget me - the girl who loved numbers and did not like anything which did not agree with me, be it accounts or math or life problems!

And I know people will wonder why I haven’t mentioned the name of kuttychathan, did not I tell you she hates being addressed in public. Though I don’t always abide by this wish of hers, it is her bday and that is when wishes come true. Don’t they? So wish big wish good, wish for anything and may you get everything.

Driving people insane as always.

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