Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Come back to me

It’s been real long since I blogged!
And I think it is high time I remedied that mistake ;-)
What better way then to come back with a poem
So here it goes…

I watch the streets
I glimpse now and then
Just wishing
That you will come back
Come back to me

The past few weeks were hell
Sheer pain
Every single second
Away from you
Apart from you
Seems like an eternity

The trees were lush
When you were there
The birds sang like honey
When you were there

Now it all looks barren
It all looks dry and lifeless
Oh, how I wish
Oh, how I pray
For you to return soon

The news is filled with gory stories
Of the war and bloodbath
Militants get killed
Army men get killed
Colonels getting killed
But I know deep in my heart
You are alive
You are still fighting with all your life
Nothing can happen to you
Coz your heart beats within me
I ferociously guard it
I know I will die before anything happens to you
So just come back to me

I know you will come
As long as the star shines next to the moon
Nothing can happen to you
Coz your heart beats in mine
Just come back
Come back to me
And put everything behind to rest
And be with me
Till my world ends….

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