Friday, July 4, 2008

BLISS்! - 2

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“Could I get you some coffee Arvi?” huskily enquired Reena, his secretary. “Er.. No thanks Reena” Arvindh said indifferently, constantly checking his phone, to see if he had got any missed calls or messages. He belonged to one of the biggest business tycoon family. His father had started the ‘P R V Constructions’ 20 years back, and every where around the country, buildings had their tag. They expanded internationally few years back. He was now managing the south zone of the business.

He saw Adithi a few years back in on of the poojas for the building which they constructed; she was so full of life that he had instantly fallen for her. He had then made enquires about her, and had found everything about her. Now, he thought he should take the next step. He was well nearing 28 and he needed to get settled in his life, if only to put women like Reena at bay and his bitter break up with Sonali behind his mind. He had taken the marriage proposition to Adithi’s father, who had been surprised at first, but had then agreed. All that now remained was Adithi to accept.

It wasn’t like he was in love with Adithi. He felt that he will never ever fall in love with anyone in his life; coz being in love only gave pain and bitterness. What with witnessing the pain his father went through, when his mother left them when he was just 10 for a foreigner and his own pain for completely trusting Sonali only to find that she has been using him.

Adithi seemed like a practical choice to get married. She was the career oriented woman, who was so practical and sensible. She also had her own business to look after, and will not use him for his bottomless bank account. He knew he wasn’t promising love or commitment, but only a sense of partnership in the deal called marriage.

His thoughts were disturbed by the ringing of his phone. He glanced at the no. to find it was Adithi. “Hey hello Adithi” he said to the phone. “Listen Aravindh, I need to talk to you in person” she replied and gave him the place where she would meet him.

“So….” Aravindh enquired her. “Well, what exactly are you looking for in this marriage proposal that you have made?” she asked him. “Well, as far as I am concerned Adithi I am looking for companionship and as time goes by a couple of kids’ maybe”
“Hmm….I am just thinking if you are planning to cover your never ending relationships with other women by this farce of a marriage?”
Her out of the blue question took him a second to regain his composure. “My never ending relationships, what makes you think so?” He challenged her. “Well for a start, I am bewildered by your proposal, as you with all the reigning power of your business could choose any one to be your wife, then there is the matter of Sonali, Reena, Anitha and who else I am not aware of…” She questioned him. “You have been doing your research haven’t you Adithi? Well I am impressed, and for my never ending relationships, I think that is a bit of exaggeration, coz I never was in a serious commitment till now” He mocked her. “So what are you promising me in this marriage, a serious commitment, but then what about love?” She questioned him back. “I don’t put stock in love Adithi, it is all just nonsense, how many people do you know who have got married for love, these days marriage is all about convenience, and loving someone will only lead to more hurt and pain, which I am not prepared to undertake” He spoke more harshly than he intended. She just stared at the rigid set of his face which made him look like a complete stranger to her.

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To be continued blissfully…..

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