Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bliss!! -3

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3 Years later…

Adithi was confused, she was waiting for Aravindh, it was there 1st wedding anniversary, and he was late. All seemed blissful in her life till now; she has got money, clothes, a man who was truly hers and everything she wished for, including a successful franchise of book stores. But still deep in her heart, she felt something was lost. That something, which people called Love. It created a big space in her heart. Her thoughts were still running on the lines on which Aravindh has made this marriage proposal to her. She still hasn’t found the real person behind that rough exterior of his. True he was everything a woman dreams of, with oozing charisma and appeal, but still he held everyone at a distance. He was cold at all times, never showing any real emotions.

In order to make her accept his proposal he had purchased her book store, and gave her the opportunity of a life time to expand it. She couldn’t refuse, coz this was all she dreamt about. It was then she decided to act practical and take up his offer of marriage. It seemed a safe enough way at that time. He wasn’t asking for love, which she thought she could not give to anyone, coz she has been there done it and did not want to be burnt again. He was asking for companionship and trust, which she guessed she could compensate for love.

Love – what a complex emotion. It makes you ache at the happiest of times. It makes you cry out of joy. It makes you live the life of the other. It makes you forget the rest of the people in the universe except the other. It makes you want to hit and brawl. It makes you want to dash and fled. It makes you want to do things that you have never dreamt of doing.

Siddarth – just the name brought shivers to her body. How she loved and yearned for him. How love destroyed them both. Those wonder days will never comeback. He will constantly be a deep ache in her heart. Nothing can mend her wounds. Nothing can make her forget him. Nothing can make her ease away from the guilt that gnawed at her. He had gone, gone from this world. Taking everything from her, including her zest in life. Will she ever get over it?

She had blamed Aravindh that this marriage proposal was farce, but no, the entire blame was hers. She felt guilty for jumping at the opportunity he gave her. A way to escape life’s agonies. She was living in a marriage of lies. He had been honest from the beginning at what he expected of this marriage, but she was not. She was the one who questioned about love, when she herself was not capable of such an emotion.

All these thoughts running in her head did not alert her to the appearance of Aravindh. He crept behind her and pushed a bouquet full of red roses in front of her “Happy Anniversary” he said giving one of his charming smiles. “Happy Anniversary” she replied back feebly forcing a smile on her lips.

He looked like a pagan prince in his pale grey suit. He had just returned from his office meeting. They had planned on dining out to celebrate the year of there wedding. On glasses of champagne he toasted to her “To us, Hard to believe a year has flown by, it seems like yesterday I saw you in your book store. And I hope the coming years of our wedding will be even more adventurous then you ever anticipated in your life”

To be continued blissfully…..

Driving people insane as always!

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