Monday, March 16, 2009

She is back to stay!

The road never ending
The lanes never bending
Trees and bushes went unheeded
So did the wailing children
There was only one destiny
The destiny which was unknown
An uncertain feeling crept through her
Will she be able to do it?
Will she have the courage?
She took the wild horse
And rode without course
To reach the Devil’s lair

Yellow teeth and grubby gums
The devil woke up to the daily rum
The door gave away
She stood beautiful
With that arrogant sway
Greeny eyes popped up and down
An angel in disguise was now known
She looked with such venom
That could take away a whole army
And then she smiled
He froze that instant
His heart stopped
And she gave a howl of laughter
And he dropped dead at her feet
That was his destiny
No longer unknown.

* So I am here guys, I fought the devil who had occupied this blog for so damn long, like say 6 months! OMG! he is dead now, and I am back to haunt you guys :) and children you no longer need to wail *wink*, In no time you will see the blog get back into action and I am going nowhere now :P

Driving people insane as always!

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