Sunday, April 19, 2009

50 Random things about me!

There was this application in FB which I added, and though I would
blog it. People are welcome to blog similar stuff in their blogs :)

1:I love just to sit simply staring at my comp :P Okies that was lame!
Well I live for chocolates, I lead such a sinful life I tell ya :P

2: I was once a avid blogger, then an occasional blogger and now a
rare blogger. I write under the name 'Zanychild'

3:If anything is mine, it remains mine forever :P

4:If there is a popular networking site, you can find me there :P

5:I have tons and tons of bangles and quite an amount of earrings to
match all my clothes :P

6:I love to wear floaters ;), and I usually hate to shop!

7:I name every inanimate object around me, My comp is called - crappy,
my Ipod - Ragz, My scooty pep- Roger, my Fone - Spooky, My telly - BT
(Blue tubby) :P

8:I used to write "Not for Kids" poems in my laa clash along with my
counterpart alice (Now don't you get ideas, we write serious stuff,
not suitable for kids :P)

9:I usually forget all my friends birthday, unless it comes on my mail alert ;)

10:I give them cards on their birthday, which was actually supposed to
be given on their previous birthday (they will get the card for this
year next year :P)

11:I advertise my blogs in all modes possible, the first thing I tell
a person, when I meet them is 'check my blog', So guys check my blog
right now!www.thestarmeandstarstruc

12:I love to click pics of anything that catches my fancy! keychains,
table, books, anything, You name it I would have clicked it :)

13:I hate people who talk behind my back

14:I always day dream in my classes, I live in my own lil world
located in far far away land :P

15:I love the rain, Love to drive in the rain and get horribly wet and
then go for an ice cream dripping wet.

16:I love the moon, It always fascinates me. I usually like the dark
then the bright sun ;)

17:I do a lot of LOLing while Iming!

18:I have a real long black raincoat and if I wear it, you cant find me anywhere

19:Most of the time, If you cant find me, check out the nearest Food
Court, I love trying new cuisines and experimenting new eat outs, even
though they burn a hole in the pocket (warning: dont ever go to Little
Italy, The food is good, but the place is so damn expensive and filled
with cockroaches), and If I talk, I dont eat, If I eat, I cant talk.
and well that makes me a slow eater among my friends!

20:I always stand with my legs crossed :P

21:I have a terrible handwriting like that of a 3rd std kid, God only
knows how the evaluator understands what I write :P

22:I finish problems even before the Prof goes near the black board to
start solving it, much to the chagrin of my friends, and you can find
me saying the Prof is wrong, this isnt the solution and I will end up
scratching the whole page where I have solved correctly, as it wont be
accepted coz the prof does it a different way :P

23:I am not what you think I am - I keep things to myself and people
who read mind may test their skills on me :P, And my friends say I can
hardly keep a secret to myself, if It is mine or the others, But then
I can, You know, When I want to, I do keep them :P

24:People have never seen me cramming before an exam eve, and I will
spoil their last minute preparations too with my smug smile as though
I have done enough! and they too should follow suit, and moreover I
will be the first person mostly to walk out of the exam hall ;P

25:You can find me in all you FB alerts taking up all these
applications and more, FB creates them for people like Me :P

26:WOW, Thts 25 random stuff about me :D and FB allows more eh! Well
as FB is allowing more, lemme write some more :)

27:I have small feet :(

28:I will plan months in advance to study for my CWA exams and end up
doing so in the day before the exam.

29:I never had a cell when I was in college, But the net was more than
enough for me to keep in touch back then, anything to be googled, I
will get a call to do so :)

30:I hate the new FB homepage, Orkut is at times trying to ape FB

31:I get real mad when people park their bikes in front of my gate!

32:I love using photoshop, and creating cards

33:I am obsessed with the word Zany! And use a lot of smileys possible
when in chat, :P

34:I hate it when people spell my name with a 'H' :ox

35:I will plot a big plan only for it to flop in the last minute!! :P

36:I am a very rude, when you ask me doubts, and you dont get it the
first time I explain it. :P

37:Everybody thinks I am a good writer!

38:I hate to get up early in the morning! I have never seen a sunrise
in my life so far, coz I will be happy sleeping!

39:I just love Tea! Tea at anytime is so good!

40:I am confused of the existence of God, I think it is only what you
do matters, and god will not help you in trouble if it is of your own

41:I used to read a lot, I mean LOT of Mills and Boons, stopped them
now, for I dont know what reason :P

42:I have been trying to figure out my purpose in life *wink* So far,
I figured, simple things make me happy :P

43:I repeat to myself everyday, The day is yours to do as you wish,
dont care what people think, But I seldom follow it.

44:I find it scary when my relatives look to me and say "There comes
Vidya, she is so damn intelligent" :P

45:I love my Scooty - Roger, He and me have gone through a lot of
accidents in life, He always ends up in my service center at least
once a month to get his fractures straightened :P

46:An ideal end for a day will be, my Ac on full blast, and a nice
movie on the tube and me relaxing on my messy bed :P

47:I never interact much on a first meeting, It is exclusively
reserved for observation on the person in question :P

48:When some one says "dont look back" I will be the first person to look back!

49:I almost have a crush on 90 percent of the guys I know not
including my brother and my cousins :P

50:I always put in double effort, see I have written 50 instead of 25
random things about me, and I though at the start 'Is there 25 random
things to write about me?' :P

Driving people Insane as always.


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