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Frozen thoughts to House Calls

During one of mom's occasional visits to the Ortho, I had the opportunity to accompany her. I like visiting health clinics as long as I aint the patient :P On one such visit I came across this magazine called 'House Calls' It is a bi - monthly magazine from the  Dr. Reddy's group. As usual being bored waiting, I flipped through the magazine and came across an interesting column called the 'Doctor's Diary' Well it being a diary, it was written by an anonymous doctor. From what I could understand, each edition the Doctor's will give life to their humor and write this column, and it is a different Doctor each time, coz they were ok with giving the city from which the doctor hails. Like for example ' This Delhi Doctor' :)

This column was titled 'Tete - a tete in Tea rooms'. It started with this write up .

"Doctor's are but human, even if patients like to put them in a pedestal along with their favorite gods. They need breaks from these nerve-racking surgeries and even more nerve - wrecking relatives who badger them with questions, to take refuge in one of the cafeterias which all hospitals have these days. A doctor ruminates what goes on in these tea rooms...."

The words cafeteria and tea rooms, made me want to read the article, coz well that is where rumors fly, So I proceeded to read the rumination by the doctor. He went on to explain how tea rooms were there earlier and how modernized they have changed now. Well that wasnt the point he was trying to drive home, What actually drove him to write the column is how workaholic the Doctors are that, they dont even spare their tea breaks and discuss patients much to the disgust of the on lookers around the cafeteria, coz that is how explanatory they were in describing each and every internal organ of the patients that they worked on. Some snippets from the column which I couldnt resist to share with you people :P

"They went something like this....." The tumor was atleast a kilo in weight and fungating, smeared with blood, and the peritoneum was full of thick yellowish green puss." The other voice countered with, "Bet it was not as bad as last night's ruptured kidney that burst like an overripe fruit, a gooey red mess

All this conversation over watering aromas of food from the cafeteria, that most other people sitting next to these doctors just almost gagged on their food.

My point to drive home was not how graphically describing Doctor's can be, it is that these Doctor's are not lacking in humor, they do get their share of the funny bone in most bizziare situations

There was also a couple of interesting facts I learnt from the magazine. There was a lot of history and facts,

One was about the origin of food It was written with the help from this book called 'The Story of Food' By Dr. Achaya. Vegetarianism wasnt practiced first, Even Bhramins ate meat, They ate what was called the pure meat, that which is sacrificed. While Vegetarianism came in, only when there was a revulsion towards eating Beef. Dog was not eaten, expect under dire circumstances when it was allowed under the rule of Appad Dharma which says "Life is more important than customs and rules" So the next time, if anyone tells you it is a sin to eat non vegetarian food, Do argue that once everyone was a non vegetarian, it was only some revulsion to some kinds of meat that gave vegetarianism into existence :P

Now the next thing I read about was "Relationships" How could a doctor's magazine be complete without this topic :)

This article was titled 'Plato's Blessing'

The word Platonic relationship came into existence due to Plato. He is rumored to have had many non sexual relationships with several women during his life time.

Yet there was another that was the last dash of mint to add more spice, There was this article where it is written that Indians werent always fully clothed, The long skirts and modest clothes were brought along with the British invasion, and there came the Victorian maiden and the style of covering oneself fully from neck to toes by full gowns and dresses. Well, in the end this is the land of kama sutra and hushing it up is of no use. 

Anyways, I thought I will continue with some quotes from 'Frozen thoughts' But then time is running, so should I. So check out my next blog post on thoughts that ought to be frozen forever, Well That will be inspiring and motivating if I have managed to make your mouth hang open from the above post :P

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