Saturday, June 27, 2009

Random Musings of nothing in particular

It has been a while, well not a while - seems like an eternity since I was active in the blog. Sorry people for the neglect. My life was filled with activities that I could not spend enough time here. Well, now that I seem to have some bit of a free time at hand, maybe it is time I started over :)

I know, in my last post - I promised I will write about 'Frozen Thoughts' . As usual, me being me, I mucked up. No prizes for guessing that :p

There are loads happening around, that I cant seem to be able to catch everything up at a time. In one end - My Fav Roger Fedrer is on a winning streak, and win Wimbledon, He will make yet another record. On the other end MJ died - May his soul R.I.P. The world cries for you.

And still in another end, am I. On the brink of just completing my exams, and if luck is by my side, I will officially be a Cost Accountant in 2 months time :D

Things so far are really good. I have never been better I guess. Yes, Life does have its lows at times, but off late - it has gone down, and glad am I for it.

I have just begun to realize, Life is what you make out of it, not the other way round. Life doesn't dictate you. You do. We are gonna be here for what, like a max of 80 to the extreme 100 years (If blessed with amazing health in this gen) And 20 of those have already been lost for me :(. It is too short a span to live. So why live it with a hate, grudge, regret. In the end - it all amounts to nothing, but a sad story.

Today, ok not today, for quite sometime. I have decided. If I want to do something, and it doesn't prick my heart. I might as well do it then regret of thinking what might have come out of it If I had done it. If it flops, well and good. It is just another path to be crossed, I will be happy that I at least gave it a try. If it adds value to me and my life. Nothing could be much better.

At times, it is good, to let go. Just be us, be wild. All those rules and principles that we confine, can be forgotten for some time. In the end, the question is - Are you happy with your life so far? And if it is not positive. It is high time steps are taken to remedy it. It is you who can make your life happy, not anyone else. It is the way you look at things. It is the way you perceive things. If you see through them with a veil, life is never gonna be good. Appreciate people and things for what they are. Never judge them (Ok, I should not be saying this, as I am the most opinionated person around, But I am starting to change) Never judge a book by a cover, it is always just a cover and not the real thing.

Little by little as we go up in Life
What is it we have to thrive
What is it we have to drive
Nothing but the ride of happiness.

A human who cant laugh at little things in life is no better than a demon. So people, laugh with no regrets, what worse could happen? Even if it all goes bad, think of how to get over it with a smile. The small curve of the lips, the sound of a deep laughter can do wonderful changes to you and everyone around.

Ok, enough is enough. I wanted to write something, and ended with something. Again nothing unusual knowing me :p Be happy, and laugh loud. And now it is time for me to visit TD's blog to have an extra laugh :p

Driving people insane as always!

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