Sunday, July 5, 2009

I m patience :p

Impatience was walking with just one shoe? Why? Coz he did not have the patience to find the lost shoe :p

Impatient to go to sleep at night, Impatient to get up in the morning, Impatient to get his morning duties done, Impatient for the day to happen, then impatient for the day to end.

Impatient to know the results, Impatient for the week to end, then the month to end. Impatient to write this blog post.

Impatientence runs like a mad monster in me. It may be a he or a she monster, and I am impatient to find out :p

Impatient was born with me from the time I was born.

I want things to happen, to happen NOW, this minute, coz I cant wait!

I know, it is really difficult to live like that, but then that's how I am and well I lose my patience then stomp my feet.

I am impatient now to finish this post. I am impatient enough to see it get published and impatient to see the comments flowing in.

And could you people do me a favor and count the no. of times I mention the word impatient, coz I am impatient to sit and do it myself :p

Driving people insane as always!

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