Monday, July 20, 2009

What goes around comes around!

I do not know if it is real
I do not know what I feel
I do not know who I should believe
I do not know whom to turn to
But, When it is all over
Will you still be around?
Will I be the same?
Yes, I act crazy
Yes, I act touchy
And even more edgy
But I am still me
I never change
Like some people out there do
Attitudes change
Tempers flare
But by the end of the day
I am back to my senses again
And I wont hesitate to plead
Coz, it was just another rough day
And not to be taken to heart
People may say, that will make me weak
But I say, that makes me strong
Ego and Pride
Never goes a long way
And that way is never happy always
Heart burns and aches
Carrying it till the end of day
Will only make it worse
When we cant just talk it out
And apologize or forgive
There is nothing wrong
With the word 'Sorry' or 'Please'
It wont kill you
Or lessen your life span
Much better
It will only make you strong
What begins well will end well
Every start has a stop
And it is just another vicious cycle
So as long as it lasts
Make it good
And make merry!

zANy CHild

Driving people insane as always


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