Friday, August 7, 2009

Shit happens!

Your best shoe tears apart when you are at the all important function of your life, and it was the same shoes with which you had even gone walking miles before, but two steps into the party - and it tears apart

You have an all important exam the next day, and it is just at night you open your book. Zap - there is a power cut

You are on the verge of completing your project on your system. The system zoinks out, and if you reboot, you find that all your project is missing

You are waiting for an all important phone call, only then your phone goes dead, and wails for its funeral

You have downloaded half the movie, and seen it to, while the other half never downloads.

You have an important evening out, and only then you realize your favorite dress is stained by some unusual stain

It is the interview, for which you have been preparing so long, only to blink blank at the interviewer on the D - day.

You have prepared real well for an exam, but a lil arithmetic mistake, makes you turn in an incomplete paper, coz you dint realize what went wrong, until the end of the hour to figure out you have written 3 plus 3 is 9 instead of 6.

You are very bored to insanity, and want to listen to music, only when you realize you haven't charged your ipod

You plan a whole day out with friends, only to cancel it coz you need to attend a important family function which you knew only 10 minutes before.

You need to be at a so and so place real soon, only to realize the scooty of yours have zero petrol.

You are already late to a place, and only then the traffic on the roads is ugly.

You did awesome in your exams, the examiner wasnt awesome - and he/she ends up flunking you.

So yes, shit happens all the time. And specifically at the wrong time. No one is spared!

Right now, I am irritated, that this shit of a post happened. Thank you.

Driving people insane as always!

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