Monday, September 7, 2009

FYI *wink*

I dont know what to write!
I dont know what to write!
I dont know what to write!
I dont know what to write!
I dont know what to write!
I dont know what to write!
No I aint writing an imposition :p
I just felt like writing
But dint know what to write
But had to write....
Sounds like me eh? ;)

Then you arent lost, and yes this is the star zany blog :p

It is just that I feel so damn light these days!
Nah it isnt coz I am gymming :)
Life just feels light
Light like a feather...
like a cloud
like cotton
like light itself
what else is light?
it is just LIGgghhhtttt

And yeah, there I wrote something, 

want to know my efforts in breaking up what to write,

This is what I came up with, A very bad piece of poetry...this is how it goes..

"There you see her
admist the crowded street
you see her smile
but not at you
there is twinkle in her eyes
but not for you
wildly moody
peacefully happy
sad at times
but not for long
there is always
that makes her smile
and sparks that twinkle
but not for you
and not at you"

Bad...isnt it? :(

Have to start up reading stuff and polish the rust of my writing skills.

Anyways, I wanted to write, so I wrote. Period. It is my blog to do as I please. So I am just asking you people to be nice and keep the tongues from wagging. Now why did I say that? Ah, yes I saw this cute puppy that day. But I cant take it home, you see...they involve big responsibility and actually thats not me!

Are you people still with me on this blog!

Oh my, I really appreciate your patience :D I have none.

Chalo, get off the blog, or else you might get blog bites.

Take care people.

You all have only one life to live..


Even I have only one life to live!

Awww...Thats so bad! Can we do something like horocruxes. I love my life :p Bad joke eh. Told ya, I am struck in second gear, so save your saneness and be off here.


And what was FYI? nothing *wink*

Driving people insane as always...

zANy CHild

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