Monday, September 26, 2005

the sTorY-Characters and incident 1

Well the characters in the story
The family has three bro and a sister
The 1st bro has two sons –shiva and adhi
The 2nd bro has 1 son-karthick
The 3rd bro has 1 daughter-chinu
The sis has a pair of twins-naveen & venky
The story centers on chinu
Shiva is nearing 30 is married to srinithi has twins-rishi & shrishi.
He is a paedratician and pschologist
Aadhi is 22 an architect,theatre artist
And kaarthi is 25 married to vaishnavi
He is also an architect and a good story writer, director, theatre artist
He has his own troupe ‘beyond life’
Vaishnavi and aadhi are classmates
They r also a part oh the troupe
Chinu is 17yrs old
Naveen and venky are 19
Naveen is doing medicine
Venky is in IIT madras.

Shiva is working in the US in New York
Aadhi and kaarthi also did there post grad in NY
And had the troupe there and worked there
Now they have returned back to Chennai
Karthi has been married for 2 yrs now
They have gone now on a short visit to Shiva’s place
There have been family pressures on kaarthi and vaishnavi to start a family
To have a child.
Kaarthi is a very sensitive person and hates injections, Blood, hospitals as he has had gr8 experiences there as he was attacked by some brain fever in a young age and was constantly hospitalized. Now he has recovered from it but not fully at times he has severe headaches.
And he does not want a biological child even though he loves children and is gr8 with them.
As he cannot stand child birth the pain, trauma, blood, sufferings of his wife?
He prefers an adopted child
But vaishnavi wants a child of their own at least 1 not an adopted 1.
And an extraordinary thing to hear.
They have been married for 2 yrs and STILL they both r virgins (not exactly but somewhat-not an active sex life). God save them
As kaarthi doesn’t believe in contraceptives, condoms, birth control pills etccc.
And they r all now in shiva’s place.
And Shiva as a psychologist and best buddy to kaarthi ties to explain to him that children r a part of their life and all that stuff must I say advising him.
But kaarthi stresses on this pt. he is scared of everything also unfortunately his friend’s wife died in child birth.
He doesn’t want to lose his wife or see her pain.
He has formed such a mental block within him that child birth is dread full.
And every one vaishnaavi, srinithi, shiva, aadhi had pleaded with him, told to him in kind words, tried to make him understand no use. Kaarthi never changes his decision.
So they plotted a plan to turn hostile against him for some time to make him understand.
Vaishnaavi stopped talking to him. She and aadhi were classmates and best buddies. How the love between her and kaarthi will be told in the following posts. To make kaarthi jealous she asked aadhi to take her shopping and all that stuff as a frnd.
Kaarthi is a possessive person.
Kaarthi and aadhi was sitting in the hall working on the comp.
Vaishnavi enters,
Says to no one in person “I need to go shopping”.
Then asks aadhi “aadhi can u drive the car”
Aadhi looks at kaarthi there is no expression in his face even though he is filling with rage inside.
Aadhi takes the car key and goes out fuming to vaishnavi “kaarthi is gonna kill me 1 day, y r u doing this don’t u know he is possessive abt u. y r u making me the prey” vaishnavi says “I know wat i am doing. Will u not take me out as a friend and that too we were supposed to be best friends. Nothins gonna change after mairrage. V still r gud frnds aren’t v”.aadhi says “no one can argue with u both”.
These things continue for a week to say.
And 1 night at the dinner table.
Well before that a character sketch of Shiva, kaarthi and aadhi.
Shiva and kaarti has a close bond together because they ere the first two children in the family. Had a good rapport between each other. It was bcoz of kaarthi shiva took medicine. Shiva is so matured. Aadhi is a carefree guy he luvs both his bros. leads his own way of life. He is not the so emotional type like kaarthi. Doesn’t care if a person likes him or not. An easy go character. While kaarthi is sensitive. To him family is more imp. He is a bit possessive abt Shiva and vaishnavi-naturally. Even though kaarthi is a cousin bro. to Shiva.
Now to the dinner table.
All r there having dinner.
No one’s speaking. An aura of hostility has been spreading around the house for a week. And no one is speaking in the presence of kaarthi.
Kaarthi finally brks the silence “I know somethings wrong here. Each 1 of u is plotting against me. And aadhi I hate u u will never b forgiven”
Aadhi blinks and turns a cold stare towards vaishnavi.
Shiva-“I’ll xplain on behalf of everyone kaarthi, v r behaving like this for ur own gud. And u cannot threaten my brother like that”
Kaarthi gets up from the dinner table “this is it. I can’t take anymore than this” and went to the balcony.
Every one glared at Shiva. Shiva “kaarthi wait. I didn’t mean it”
Goes to the balcony “kaarthi—I’m sorry da, I din’t mean it. It was a slip of the mind”
Kaarthi-“its ok . anyway I’ve gotto accept the truth I am jus ur cousin and aadhi is ur own blood” shiva “y r u talking rubbish- u both r same to me da. I was jus pulling ur leg. V all r behaving like this only to help u” kaarthi-“y is no one understanding my feelings” shiva—“right it hurts u right. Then y can’t u think of the feelings of vaishnavi, doesn’t she have her own desires which she expects u to fulfill” kaarthi—‘that’s it da y can’t v adopt a child if she desires it so much” shiva—“look again u r going back to that thing-a adopted child is not like a own child. She wants to xperience the feeling of being pregnant, the pain of child birth quite natural da,” kaarthi—“enough I don’t want to experience it” shiva—“kaarthi just have 1 kid and then u can adopt another if u need it. Will u think about it? Please-understand” kaarthi “—“

Will kaarthi think abt it---- lits wait and see it

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