Saturday, June 23, 2007

BLUE Moon has arrived!


plz do wait to hear the song till krishna nee vedhame song gets over :)

“A new beginning
A reason for living….”
Went the savage garden song in my system
Of course a new beginning, a new reason to live again. Don’t worry ppl I aint in love. The love bug is still far from me to bite me, even though the song is for people in love. [;-)]. Well to start with maybe if god wishes I might be a semi qualified cost accountant in 2 months (that is if god wants me to pass the last 4 papers I rote till yesterday if I rate it for you. The first day paper was terrible, second day worse, third day bad, fourth was kind of okay) and even I can be placed by the institute and earn a minimum of 20k per month. Now isn’t that a reason to be happy. And the new beginning is I am done with it, the inter part of CWA. Now I need not go to dreading and boring morning classes. No exams, not much pressure to study. Only college and more of fun. It is a new academic year, whoa we are third years. The final year students. That definitely is a new beginning!

One more year of studies in a campus. One more year in the company of friends. No worry, only play and of course a little bit of study too. One more year of getting up at 7:15 and rushing to be at college at 7:55. One more year of checking the safety borders of attendance. One more year of copying notes and getting photocopies and losing them all over again. One more year of blogging in my notebooks in class hours. One more year of witnessing fresher’s talent day, freshies party, inter years, inter collegiate culturals as a student. One more year of sitting in the canteen waiting for the dosas to arrive. One more year to sign up in everything and attending guest lectures and career counseling programmes. One more year of trying to bunk classes. One more year to become an alumnus of a great institution. One more year of driving my beloved friends to death by my non stop crappings. One more year full of dreams and plans to be fulfilled. One more year of memories to be cherished.

Let the year pass, and the responsibility we have to carry on our shoulders and face the world will be higher than the responsibility with which we entered the portals of the college. I remember how I wrote about the first step into the portals of Stella Maris. It was not so good. I was so new to everybody, and yet it turned out so great in a couple of years.

I don’t know how life will be. What we would do in a year or so. But right now, I live for the moment, no more pressure on my side to study hard, and my life seems to have changed from a bag of thorns which it had been till yesterday to a bag full of beautiful roses. I agree I look at the world through rose colored glasses. Of course, you may think I have great expectations from life. Why should not I? It is my life, my only life. I don’t even know what other chance other than having a life I will have to express my opinions and thoughts. So I decide to live to the fullest possible extent. The moment is yours. Life is a beautiful thing filled with little worries, sorrows, joys, tears and happiness. If one learns not to brood over spilt milk, and go on ahead in life with a positive approach that ‘what happened is for the good….what is happening is also for the good….and what will happen is also for our good’ life will be best to live. But alas aren’t we normal humans. We are never satisfied. How much ever we get. That is common nature. If it were absent, then there would be no common man. Did you not know, god love commoners that was why he made a lot of them, if there was no satisfying thirst, we all would have been gods and goddesses attaining moksha.

So all I can say is….I though it was a long time I poured in my emotions in this space, so let us live each day, and tackle our problems as it comes. Well if we aren’t satisfied with what is happening, we shall get up the next day and search higher for it. So that we go higher and higher in life….till we touch the dear sky. Once we touch it, we shall drop a ‘hi’ to god up there in heaven in the sky and thank him for creating us, and maybe ask him to reserve a seat next to him for us when we reach there.

Driving people insane as always

Note: if you are wondering what the title has got to do with the blog, sorry for the interruption of your thoughts, even I myself am guessing the connection [;)]

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