Saturday, June 2, 2007

Dj or Dvija....r u a loosie or a doggie....still i wish u on ur bday!!!

What can I say about her?
The to be birthday gal in 21 days
Gosh!! Dvija you are turning 20!!!! Can u believe it….oops….it isn’t manners to reveal the age of on gorgeous lady like u (!!!!....gorgeous…note that point loosie!!)…so what shall I do now?....I revealed it…now there is no turning back! Sorry buddy…let the world know you are a 20 year old…what did I say?…yeah, gorgeous lady in here…little do they know that you are still a 2 year old…and god just made us all add a 0 to the 2!!!....

So here I have a blog for you buddy!....the crazy one…though I am the zany one!...what can I reveal to the world about you, my dear? Should I be nice….or….you know embarrass you to the core? Well I guess a lil bit of the former and a large portion of the later will describe the apt you!

Dvija or DJ as she prefers to be called now….is a crackpot! (What do you expect from a close buddy of mine people?!) She spins along with the world. She is very punctual to wherever she has to go. If you tell her- be there at 8:00…she will perfectly come at 9:00! And give you a hoard of excuses. I can count on my fingers the no. of prayer sessions she has attended in school. Coz she was constantly late and will by twist and turn get into the class without anybody noticing her absence in the prayer! I share many a memory with her. We have toured more of the first floor in our school than the ground floor where our class is spying for you know who. Before I got to know her, I remember her as the same person, who like me used to come to the canteen at 12:40 that is when the bell signals that lunch hour is over!

Well I must tell you the level of our wave lengths….they just differ for both of us by .5 frequencies...we both have very similar tastes…which I still wonder! Well maybe all cancerians are like that! She is a very good dancer. I have attended all her dance programs. I can never miss them….err….believe me people. I attend all these programs….okai…okai…fine… I give in. I have seen her dance only in our annual day, and couldn’t make it to the other programs. But people have told me, she is real good…or else who will cry if she doesn’t get one step right, even when the audience couldn’t make it!

When I asked her college friends about her. They said, she is sweet, cute, (what did you pay them to say this Dvija!), and talkative and would not stop till she has made her point (well I agree with that!). And her favorite words are ‘shut up’ and ‘whatever’. And ‘loosie’ too….lolz…that’s how we both have been calling each other for a long time. Our conversation usually starts like this.
She or me: hi loosie
Me or she: sollu loosie!

And now I remember she is a sleeping beauty. According to what deepthi said in her testimonial to her. Her favorite past time is to sleep, sleep and more sleep! And well she is adorable (hmmm…..aint I flattering you too much dear?) and real down to earth. Yes deepthi I agree with you, she is under the ground only…lolz…and Dvija, deepthi also mentioned you are very good at solving problems!!(*thinking deeply* is it you, who solves problems or creates them?!!)
(Courtesy: deepthi’s testimonial)

Dvija has the annoying habit of hitting her stomach!!(lolz…I am luving this part of embarrassing you sweety!!) And of course she is very caring and will bring you papayas if you aren’t feeling well. How could I forget those big lunch boxes she used to bring to school? I ate 80% of the stuffed rotis her mom made for the break period. And those vadas and kesaris she used to bring on special occasions….slurp…I am getting hungry just thinking of it…missing it all man!!
She is real caring and real freako! And short tempered (are u?? I wonder?)
(Courtesy: maggie’s testimonial)

She is born with a coconut head and an extra large bum (guffaw!!) and is a female jug head. I remember the time she told me, that she gulped down one entire loaf of bread! And I place a request here to god to give the Mr. right, whom she is gonna end up with, loads of energy, coz she is bound to drain him very quickly (*wink*) she gives you lectures too and that too boring ones…so don’t you ever go to her for life saving advices (lol)
(Courtesy: shravanthi’s testimonial)

She is a dork head to me. I don’t know where all that spice and flavor in my life would have gone, If it weren’t for her and abby. We three spent the best of our lives together. The last 4 years of school. Being the same bench mates for 2 years. We have fooled one a many that we were very good students in class, much to the envy of our class mates, coz they knew the real us! I always used to amuse myself thinking wat god thought when he created us. Well did he think the world needed a pair of crazy clowns? I always used to find Dvija’s thoughts to my problems or of others as nonsensical! No one can get weirder than her at those times (maybe except me *wink*wink*) and one can never get senti around her. She is just not the senti type. And I for one celebrate my friendship with abby and her with an emotional line that is invisible.

Before we got to know the real her. We thought she was this silent kid. But now we can’t think anything about her except her constant jabbering mouth. Her glasses, braces, cycle with that trademark cap of hers and her hair dos- it is so hard to forget all these. And of course how could I forget that relationship she shared with a particular leech!!....yikes….only she can do that!
(Courtesy: abby’s testimonial)

She is a cute, lil, adorable doggy which always bites and scratches ppl whenever possible...oh yeah she does it...just when u are thinking " oh my god ,what a sweet gal", she would turn into this unmanageable monster and try to attack u in ever possible ppl beware of her..;-)....she is reckless too the core in the sense she might even leave her slippers at her friend’s place and walk all the way home, not realizing it until she reaches her place....yeah thats darling...I guess she has sum kinda amnesia....or sumthing...sob spite of all this... she is my BESTTT sweetie pie..and my baby boooo..first when I met her, I was thinking ..." what a calm and composed gal "...little did I know at that time...if u can entertain her the whole day without she getting bored ,then it means u deserve a NOBLE PRIZE for it...she can never do a particular activity for more than few hours...oops few mins.. But of course she would get a NOBLE PRIZE for seeing T.V. and sleeping. And she is horrible in lying...I mean u can literally see her blushing...And turning all pink and fumbling with words...oh my god she looks so cute ...I mean how many any of us ...can look like a white bunny rabbit turning all pink...;-)..You can often see a red vein popping out of her pops out at all unwanted would be jumping up like crazy that often her friend ramya has to use a hammer to put it back in its place..Phew...I know a lot of work involved... ok now tuning into a more serious mode. I can very well say has always been an awesome friend ( she never says such things abt me :-(...)she has always been there for everyone...whether it is to console when we are too depressed or asking us to tune it down when we get too enthusiastic.. lolz...always advices us on things like ( its ok ramz...go on a date ..Nothing wrong. Its time to enjoy) (*.hehe*) and believe me when I say, her advice can be very misleading at time...Lolz...she would genuinely criticize and appreciate people...she is awesome at arguing about something that she herself knows has no point. And when she is at a loss if words. She always fills it up by saying “whatever",” get lost"... if u can get catch her through her mobile phone...Or if u get a reply for ur SMS, you should consider urself very lucky and gifted, coz half the time, her cell would be each switched off, or no balance, or no charge. She can be loving and sweet, and irritating and argggg all at the same time...That u would feel like kissing and hugging her and the next moment banging her head with a huge rock...lolz....whatever plus and minus she has, however crazy and mad she might get…however stupid and arrogant she gets (I am going to be beaten up badly for all this later)..I would always say that “SHE IS MY SWEET HEART ...AND THAT I CAN NEVER FIND SUMONE LIKE HER.LOVE U LOADS...UMAHH!
(Courtesy: ramz testimonial….it was too good…that I just copied and pasted it here *wink*and I can totally rely the above to her entire friend list…we can never find someone like her!)

And definitely you are worth to get a noble prize if you get a reply from her in her cell. Coz her dad would have taken the charger for the phone, and she ends up with no charge for 2 to 3 days. Her balance is no more. And if you call the landline, her mom would say she left the cell at home. So I can conclude her cell will lie in her home when it is properly working, and will lie again in her home when it is not working….(*Big wide Grin*)

I can write pages and pages about this insane lil, crazy friend of mine. But right now I need to clear my thoughts and find if I myself am in a sane or insane state! And all that is said above may be true and fictional. Truth are those where I mention she has a coconut head, freako….etc….fiction is where I say she is cute, adorable and most importantly gorgeous!! (*Lolz**bigger grin**wink**wink*)

And hear my dear Dvija….the song is just for you and the child in all of us that hasn’t changed a bit!…and the lyrics does apply a little to you too…


I also dedicate the song to all my best friends and Dvija’s best friends
And here is the scale of craziness rate for her from her friends
Deepthi gave u 11 0n 10
shravanthi 10 on 10
Alice 8.5 on 10
ramya 8 on 10
sanju 9 on 10
me..... 50 on 10....and i get 50% share in it..
Maggie gives u a full 10 on 10 for the endurance of ur craziness
Abby also gives a 50 on 10!!

So here I go

Luv u loads and loads!

Driving people insane as always

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