Monday, May 8, 2006

jottings frm my slam book 3

my friends and how they see me
ALICE (college)
Birthday: April 26

She wrote…..

Name: Alice the great!!

People call me: aleece(kandy), nisha(easha), kedi, kutti chathan etc…

You love: troubling people, talking non stop, chatting online with good pals or jus ask deepthi, she will tell u in detail……..drinking fruit juices too!!!

Please jot down some of ur favorites:-

Music band: BLUE… can’t remember any other band

Actors: shah rukh khan Actress: main hoon na!!!!

Movies: quite a few….. swades, azhagiya theeya, many more……

Food: spicy chatpatta stuff and all drinks except milk tea and coffee

Outfits: hmm….it’s better u tell me wat is better 4 me.

Tv shows: friends-laughter challenge on star one, whose line is it anyway?, full hous, yess boss…(I basically like a lot of things on tv and visual media)

Where do u see urself in 10 yrs. : hopefully alive 4 the well being of this earth! Otherwise the world will be in ruins without me.

You’ve jus won $1, 000, 000, 00 in a lottery. Wat do u think u will do wid it, and y? : hmmmm……it’s a large amt. and u know I’m not good in maths either. Therefore wud speak to my finance consultant and let u know….

Wat do menta hospitals make u feel? 2 admit ppl. Like deepthi!! Y shud v alone suffer? (jus kiddin otherwise deepthi will kill me)

Finish the sentence: I cant wait until……. I do something useful in life. Example: training u all 2 bcom successful like me!!

If u want 2 redo something in ur life wat wud it be? Hmmm… I wud want 2 b taller…. But then I wud never look younger than the senior citizens around me in school and college.

Tell me one thing tat makes u smile, no matter wat: the very thought of my friends and their stupidity….

Wat I am describe it: how do u understand accounts? U hav brains and gr8 tolerance and patience!! A good listener esp. to boring ppl. Like me. And a fun person to be with. Don’t v hav fultoo time pass talking abt others and their love stories??

Dated till: I grow as tall a sushmitha sen or I write in another slam book of urs with the same details.

She wrote in my hi5 testimonial….

Alice says: So what shall i tell u abt ViDya !! shez a major user of the internet !! loves gettin connected in alll poossiibblle wayss !! but an extremely talented person !! too scholarly for me !! even though she finishes studying soon she'l call me up and say " hey im not happy abt my preparation it got over so soon " and i will be like " thats becoz ur a genius, Vidya !!" so i guess u can now know how she is !! Shez wonderfull at writting stories... loves to write... but she always makes a spelling mistake with "mariage" n "diffrence" Hope you're getting what i mean !! ( provided the person readin this knowz proper english ) shez a nice friend neway !! verrryy helpful too !!

With love,
(very confidential)

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