Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Jottings from my slam books 2

MAHESWARI (college friend)
Birthday: June 4

She wrote……

Hai da,

I am sure u will b very happy on June 4, not only u every1 in this world, will b celebrating this day, do u know y, bcoz its my bday da. (one request please, read this with expressions in ur voice). Thank u da 4 givin me an opportunity to think abt us (only). Ok ok, I’ll come to the matter.

Sweet name chosen by my parents 4 their sweetie bud is maheswari. My parents and some who r close to me will call me “ammu” (maadu). I had my life’s lovely part (i.e. school life) in gr8 st. ebbas girls’ higher secondary school. Actually I don’t know how to start. B4 starting 2 write, there were lots and lots in my mind. But wen I started my mind is off and my heart (u r there) started, but u know my heart is so …… kutt, that it doesn’t know anything… ok, ok don’t sneeze.

Name : mahaswari.n
First cry on: 04-06-19—
Birth place: Chennai kalyani hospital

Y I’m ritin this is tat bcoz, if u come 2 know tat in kalyani hospital, such a sweet bud like me was born there. U can suggest tat hospital 2 ur x, don’t mistake, I don’t know ur husband to be’s name tats y I used x.

My favorites: (if there r spellin mistakes plz bear wid me)

Place: kerala, Australia, England, Netherlands and of course Chennai.
Dress: chudi, saree, half saree (I’m very adakkam u know)
Food: everythin prepared by my mom especially fried rice, chappathi, and parrupu payasam.
Actor: Charlie chaplin
Actress: hema malini
Singer: mr.spb, mrs.janaki, hariharan and of course me.
Songs: all songs which make me happy.
Loves: blue colour, Poona kutti, all kinds of birds, naai kutti (but I’m scared to go near it), trees like banyan and mango. All flowers especially rose and marikolunthu, teddy bear, ur stories, and it goes on my dear. Everything created by god. I’m really amazed abt each and every tiny and huge creatures of god.

Hates: waking me up wen I’m sleeping, some people’s dressing, hitting Poona kutti and other creatures, my most favorite dish getiing over b4 I eat by my sweet brothers (villains).

My happiest moments: june 4th, Feb. 13th, sep 29th and each and every moment I live in this wonderful world.

About me:-

I’m not tat much gud in studies, but I luv maths. I’m an open type girl, tat is I’ll speak to all but will not get so close to them. U must have known tat by now. I luv my family very much in this world. I’m not as creative as u r. the thing I luv in me is that I can understand others feelings. I’m a really very short tempered person, but it is only for a few moments, then I try to make myself turn to be normal. I think u wud have understood me much better if u have any doubt ask ur _ _ _ _ _ don’t blink fill it as h e a r t da.

About u:-

There r many things which I liked in you. The 1st one is ur chweet name “VIDYA”. Say thanks to ur parents 4 choosing such a nice name 4 u. the next is that ur creativity. I hav read in 1 book that small things will do gr8 gr8 changes in this world. After seeing u I started believing those lines bcoz ur kutti kutti brain is doing (thinking) great thinks (things) and all those handiworks. Ok, ok don’t paranthufy come to land. U r very jovial to all. Good in studies and there is totally no words to express u.

The 1 thing that I don’t like in u is ur handwriting. I don’t hav the right to say this bcoz mine is also horrible. But u see if v don’t hav anything then v expect others to hav it. I am not saying it is too worse, gr8 scholars like me can read any handwriting. There is 1 saying that if ur handwriting is not gud then ur thalai writing (thalaezhuthu) will be gud. But don’t believe all those stuff. If with this handwriting u’ve reached the skys means with ur improved handwriting u can reach the stars.

“varthaigalin suzhalil sikkhi
Unakaga ithai naan ezhutinen
En ayulil oru mani
Aanal nam natpu oru yugam valarnthuvittathu”

“my world has never been the same
Ever since I met u
Now, there is something special
Round every corner
A kind word, an unexpected gift
A pleasant surprise, a warn smile
Friends like ‘u’ make life worth living”

“may life shower ‘u’ with
Invaluable things”

“LOVE says ‘I love u’
CRUSH says ‘I like u’
HUG says ‘I want u’
SMILE says ‘I adore u‘
But my dear u say
We’ll be there 4 all these together”

“Hold god tightly throughout
Ur life he will guide u and
Make u fly high beyond ur
expectations. Always there will be 1
Small heart praying 4 u”

“Whatever I’ve written
Is nothing more than
A few words
And maybe the words
I’ve written
May not be lyrical
Like the song of the birds.
But then I’m not a poet,
Nor wud I prefer to be one”

So if there is any mistake please sagichify da.

Be good and do good bye da challam

Dated till I forget ur name.

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