Friday, May 26, 2006

Where is our country heading???

Well, to start with the country is not going to prosper from jobless amateur writers like me. And also lazy people like me, who decide to do a thing 1 day and end up doing that thing a week later, an example is this blog. I wanted to write all these a week back and I could not, not because I was busy or anything, I was too lazy to open MS-Word and type. (lol)

So well coming back to the title where REALLY is our PROUD country heading to? I have no idea. It is not definitely not on the path of development, you may argue against it. But it might in fact be the truth... if u ask me how…continue to read on.

What is happening in our CAPITAL Delhi, some of the most intelligent students are falling victim to ‘lathi charge’! Hello isn’t there ‘right to speak’, isn’t our country a ‘free’, ‘republic’ country. Did we not get freedom from the British way back in 1947? Has not 58 years passed now? Or did we get free ourselves just to enter another episode of the freedom struggle.

Come on do think of it, the young blood, the future of this precious country, is being beaten up for voicing their views. Well, what they are struggling for is indeed a very good cause. They are struggling against reservation. They are struggling not to bring differences between the students on the basis of caste or creed. Well what they need is not reservation but scholarships and more seats. If most seats are reserved for the backward classes, what do the others do? It isn’t true that all people in the backward classes are poor; they are many who are well off in the backward society. While many in the forward classes are poor. So what we need is giving scholarships to poor families and the less salaried and not reservations on the basis of classes.

If this continues, it is true that the cream of the country will go to foreign countries, and give their services there. No one would stay in the homeland, if they are treated like this. The will not want to stay in a country which doesn’t give them opportunities. And it is no use blaming them; they are not patriotic and leave abroad. Indeed they are patriotic, but patriotism alone will not help them to survive in life.

When the whole student community in the country is protesting against reservation, the one great state or should I say city that supported is my good old city ‘Chennai’, well way to go Chennaities. If you question me why they supported it, well most govt. medical colleges in Chennai have been following reservation for almost god knows how many years!! And well, you will be awarded if you find one forward caste student in 1 of these medical colleges. And the plight of CBSE students is even more pathetic in the society. I have so much pride in being a CBSE student. They get only 2% of the seats in the TNPCEE. Even though, they are the intelligent lot than the State Board students. So they head out of the city to national institutes, now with the reservation thing, well where do they head?

Now let’s come to the next issue… the great ‘Da Vinci code’ movie. Well the book came a year back and is one of the best sellers, then did anyone protest. But what is the commotion now. In fact India is not a Christian country, it is a secular country. But still the movie can not be all that bad in our country. When I see the people protesting for it in the ‘idiot box’ I bet you they don’t even know what the movie is about, they just come to protest hearing all the scandalous details about the film. And how could they miss such an opportunity to protest and come on the ‘idiot box’!!

If you want to watch real entertainment go see ‘DD’ when they put live telecast of he parliamentary meetings. It is really so much fun, to see such respectful leaders who we have selected and made them to sit in a very precious position in the parliament. What do they do? Well they break the tables, and go near our honorable speaker in groups and throw tantrums like little children. Is this how they manage our country? Banging on desks, brawling like kids, and the opposition party true to their name opposes to each and every word said by the ruling party in the meeting. Otherwise it wont be fun you see to be an opposing party. They may even oppose the ruling party, when the ruling party accepts what the opposition party is saying. They will oppose by saying, how can they accept what we say, that is not politics, it is a rule that they should not accept what we say, and we will continue opposing saying they are not accepting what we say!!! Otherwise what is the use of our opposing party if they accept everything, we will then have no chance to oppose, and it is all totally wrong?

With these entire plight what exactly comes out as the result is that India will be….

2006 – India is a developing country

2010 – India is a developing country

2015 – India still a developing country

2020 – Still a developing country




2050 – India finally a developing country

Hopefully the above future mustn’t happen to our country
Hopefully we will become a developed country within the next 10 years
The country will be ruled by young bloods
India would become the best country to live in the world
These all will happen only when the plight of the country undergoes a complete transformation.

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