Monday, May 8, 2006

an OLD breeze crossed his path...

Ok… my first real story written by me…..

This was a part of my personality development class in my 1st yr of college They asked me to write a story with a given set of words.

The words were “car radio”, “window”, “blood”, “footprints”, “davos”, “path breaking”, “ambience”, “carpet”, “ball”, “coat”, “tissue”, “apples”, “knife”, “news”. So here is my 1st attempt to write a story. I titled it as “the untitled”


An OLD breeze crossed his path...

He switched off the car radio and got out of his car. The blood drained from his face; on the other side of the road she stood as beautiful as ever. There was no change in her, even after so many years (I don’t know how woman do it yet they remain the same after so many years!!! ). At once he was transported to his college days……

Where they were so much in love.

They met each other when they were asked to assemble to watch a documentary on ‘Davos’ the economic forum in Switzerland. She had bumped into him accidentally and their books had got switched giving them an opportunity to meet again. From there was no looking back for them. But unfortunate circumstances had made them part. He remembered the quote “there are many people who cross your life, but only some leave their footprints” and she was one of them. He was still deciding on whether to meet her or not, he didn’t have the courage to face her. He was filled with doubts that she might have changed and may have even forgotten him and would be reluctant to speak to him. But at last he decided he would go and see her, no matter what.

As he was crossing the road, he saw a small boy playing with a yo-yo ball come running to her. He had the same eyes as hers. The same eyes into which he has stared longingly. A lump formed in his throat when he realized that the boy must be her son. His fingers tightened around his coat, he felt guilty to have left her. They had such a path breaking romance in their college days, and here she was married to another guy and having a son. He continued walking as she had seen him and was waving at him recognizing him instantly. He reached her. She was very surprised to see him there. She enquired about his work and whereabouts. She told him about her life, and her loving husband and son. A pang of jealousy spread through him. She wasn’t uncomfortable talking to him. Only he felt low on his spirits that he was sweating and had to take out a tissue from his pocket and mop his face. She then said it was getting late and had to leave. She promised to keep in touch, but he was not keen on it, he felt his heart beating faster that she was going to leave him forever, not that she already left him. They finally parted.

He reached home completely disturbed. How could she do this to him, completely disregard his feelings. He was sitting by the window and was slicing apples with a knife. This again brought him a train of memories …. How many times has she sliced apples for him, prepared dinner for him, made his favorite chocolate cake….. He looked out; the mist was like a carpet covering everything like how his memories covered him now. He merged with the ambience and was deep in thought. He was trying to figure it out what went wrong between them. He had no news of her when she left college. He remembered how he searched for her low and high around the city to find her. He remembered that her last words to him were ‘it’s not working; we’ll better part and go on with our lives’. She never gave any explanation as to why it did not work. He couldn’t dissolve her words in him.

And seeing her today has aroused all kinds of feelings in him. But seeing that it was not the same with her, he had tried to accept the situation gracefully. He still didn’t know what parted them, but was sure it wasn’t his fault. Now that she has settled in her life, it was of no use to bother about her again. He has to go over her. And it was time he got settled in life forgetting the past. And life doesn’t stand still does it. It just goes on. It is only us who has to adjust to it right. So be prepared to adjust yourselves to any situation in life.

With that I end the story

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