Monday, May 8, 2006

jottings frm my slam book 5

my friends and how they see me
Birthday: June 7

She wrote…..

I’m known as: seshmitha veda

My nick name is: seshu, sesh, seshmi

My sweet home is going to be built on mars

I was born in a spaceship (i.e. I’d like to tell u that but no lies so) on 7-6-19—

Zodiac: gemini

My best pals: aliens books and strangers

I look back to the day wen I joined school

My heartaches to think of the day wen my pet dog ran away

I hav a crush on a person called nobody (nobody os a spiriy. Spiritual love u see)

I like to munch on something eatable, pizzas, burgers, tasty home made food.

My fav. Singers: sadhana,unnikrihnan.unnimenon,srinivas

The teacher I like most and y: anne Shirley, life and nature there cant be anybody better

My fav. Movies: titanic, shrek, a.i, beautiful mind, final fantasy

The prettiest actress is aishwarya and meg ryan, keene reeves, hugh jackman

Outfits: jeans, kurtas, tops

Tv shows: x-men 2

Where do u see urself in 10 yrs: in the 3 sirens

U’ve won a lottery,wat wud u do with it? Help a needy child and the reason is obvious

Wat do mental hospitals make u feel: at home?

Finish the sentence: I cant wait till…. I have my first ####

If u want to redo something in life wat wud it be? I don’t think I’ll redo anything. I don’t think I’ll like it

Tell me 1 thing that makes u smile, no matter wat. My books my friends

I go bananas over bananas

Music stars: norah jones, avril lavigne, Vanessa carlton, celine

I wud love to go to proxima centauri

Love to me is undefinable

I tap my feet to the rhythm of anything that is good music

I aspire to bcom a person with at least 1.5 kg of brains

About u I feel: u r a unique friend

What I am, describe it? Is it possible?

My best moment with u is every moment with u

Dated: 28/2/2002 and 18/6/2003

She wrote in my hi5……

Sesh says: vidya is one of the most amazing multi-talented sweet ppl i've ever met in life.. she's extremely smart & intelligent without being stuckup like the toppers always are... she's one of the best painters i've known too...etremely creative and expressive. she's always the sweet sympathetic friend who listens to your pathetic woes , the fun friend you can joke around with , the dependable friend who never forgets ur birthday....i cud go on ...but then again i wudn't want her to get diabetic with all these sweet compliments i'm giving her.... PS: all the above are seriously true ;-)


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