Monday, May 8, 2006

jottings frm my slam book 4

my friends and how they see me
Birthday: haloween

She wrote…….

I’m known as: visalam

My nick name is: vichu

I was born on haloween

Zodiac sign: scorpio

My beat pals: everybody whom I don’t like.

I look back to the day wen: I met surya(actor)

My heart aches to think of the day: annual day and sports day with ----- and ------

I hav a crush on: rajusundaram

I like to munch on: which do not add wt. even though I’m not tat plump.

My fav. Singer: I don’t enjoy music

The teacher I like most and y; thilakavathi bcoz she is soo sweet.

My fav. Movie: roja

Actor: surya

Actress: aishwarya

I go bananas over: ppl who look gud.

I wud love to go to: guduvanchery, thiruvanamalai

Love to me is my dance and my parents ( I don’t know 4 present generation)

I tap my feet t the rhythm of anything

I aspire to bcom a dance master in the media

About u I feel: u r bad always to me exactly bad

My best moment wid u: last yr.

Dated: 27/2/2002

She wrote in hi5…………

Vichu says: vidya is one person whom u can trust,believe etc etc etc. to tell u the truth vidya is my role model......... she is a racemic mixture she watches two good movies bfore every exams but still manages to top....i wonder how she is crazy abt madhavan(if u were smart enogh u shd know it without even me tellin u[the display pic])she luvs karthic(singer) likes siddharth(actor) kind,cute,luvable,swt,calm,composed,nice and all faltterin words in the dictionary belongs to her oneperson everybody want to be in touch with .


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