Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Jottings from my slam books

My friends and how they see me…….

ESTHER (college friend)
Birthday: march 25

She wrote….

Hai daa,
B4 I cud start anything, I wud like 2 thank u 4 giving me an opportunity 2 pen down a few words in this book of urs. Wen I started ritin, the 1st thing tat came 2 my mind is tat, I wud b a person whom u would remember till u lose this book. I warn u please keep this book safely. I hope u wud not miss it. Ok comin to the matter.

My sweet name is M.R.esther (later on the initial will b changed and u know wat it is). In my house they call me chitrangi. My pals call me shakthi, malagu and u may call me as u wish. Till 10th STD I was in church park then I continued my studies in st. ebbas. As 4 now I hope tat u know at least a part of my character, anyway I’ll tell u my dear.

People used to say tat I’m a jovial person who mingles with people freely and easily. I’m a person who is very much attached towards friends and beloved ones (u know). I’m a mischievous girl as u expected. I’m very sensitive and possessive person. And a very bad character of mine is I’m a very very short tempered person. I’m an open hearted person.

Then comin to studies, I was not a studious student. But till 10th I was a gud student. I shouldn’t talk proud of myself but jus 4 u 2 know abt me I’m telling this. I was bold enouf to answer in classes. But it was only till 10th. U know the reason y. Ya, obviously its jus bcoz of my commitment with u know who. I’m like as though left in a wonderland with my ------ (u know). Ok, I’ll stop talking abt ------ (u know).

About u according to me:-

Vidya u r such a wonderful girl who became frnds with me within a few days. Though v were in the same class in jus a month v bcam gud frnds.

The thing I like in u most is the friendly behavior and creative mind of urs.

U’ve really got a gud sense of creating new things. I like ur artistic work and the imaginative story writing skills of urs. Not all get this precious type of blessings frm god. So thank god 4 it and utilize ur talent to the fullest. I’ll pray 2 god tat he may shower blessings upon u and ur family. My hearty wishes 4 a bright future.

My favorites:-

Dish - fried rice and crispy items
Things - spongy dolls
Dress - chudi, salwar, half saree, saree.
Actor - surya and only surya
Actress – jo.
Place - my grand ma’s place bcoz u know who ------
Movies - all surya movies
Song - all melodious songs
Singers - spb, Bombay jayashree, hariharan
Latest crush on - s----h and surya but always u know who ------
Loves - babies, spongy dolls, kutty kutty chicks, love birds, pets especially deny and roger (my pet dogs)
Hates - to get angry, to grow nails, hates wen s----h speaks with girls especially.
My embarrassing moment - September 17
My happiest moment - aug 7th 2005 and sep 10th 2005 .then the month of October, especially October 31st 2005.

Advice to u:-

I’m not worthy of givin advice but anyway, jus tat it is as a kind request frm ur friend.

Please, please, please change and improve ur handwritin bcoz the wonderful talents tat u possess shouldn’t b hidden or washed away bcoz of ur handwritin.

Other than that be vidya as vidya itself.

Bye take care.

Always ur loving friend. :-) Esther

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